WestJet 737-600 C-GXWJ Loss of Cabin Pressure

A Canadian Westjet 737-600 C-GXWJ encountered a loss of cabin pressure while operating flight WS493 on March 17, 2020.


WestJet 737-600 C-GXWJ


The Boeing 737-600 departed Winnepeg, Canada bound for Calgary, Canada. The 1-hour short flight equating to 772 miles was without difficulty until the aircraft was descending towards Calgary, approximately 20 minutes before landing.


The Boeing 737 had begun descending from 40,000 towards Calgary while descending through 29,000 feet, the aircraft encountered a loss of cabin pressure. The cabin altitude warning activated and passenger oxygen masks dropped down. The crew contacted Air Traffic Control and subsequently, the aircraft increased the rate of descent.


WS493 landed in Calgary 20 minutes after encountering a loss of cabin pressure, Westjet 737-600 C-GXWJ landed without declaring PAN or Mayday.


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