Western Global MD-11F N512JN Bleed Air Con Issue

A Western Global McDonnell Douglas MD-11F has dumped fuel and diverted to Liege, Belgium, with the crew reporting a bleed air conditioning issue.


The McDonnell Douglas MD-11F with registration N512JN departed Amsterdam, Netherlands as KD3367 for its 6,630km trip to Chicago, United States of America, the aircraft is believed to have departed Amsterdam with 1 of 3 bleed aircon packs out of service.


KD3367 Amsterdam to Chicago

After departure from Amsterdam, the MD-11 began heading towards the UK and a few minutes before crossing UK soil, the MD-11 contacted Amsterdam advising it had to shut down a second air con bleed pack and requested a return. The MD-11 began dumping fuel over the North Sea, before receiving a notification from Western Global advising to divert to Liege.


The MD-11 diverted to the companies hub at Liege, where Western Global could provide better maintenance facilities. The aircraft landed just before 7pm this evening and 4 hours later when reporting this incident, the aircraft remains on the ground. at Liege.


For further information about Western Global, please click here to visit. their website.

Thank You

Thank you to the crew of Western Global flight KD3367 for identifying the issue. and taking swift action to prevent further issues.

Carriers Response

We are awaiting a response from Western Global.

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