URAL U6178 Lands in Field

Today’s URAL U6178 from Moscow Zhukovsky, Russia to Simferopol, Ukraine landed in a cornfield moments after take-off. Ural U6178 was operated using an Airbus A321-100 with registration VQ-BOZ.



The Airbus A321 had been accelerating down Runway 12 at Moscow’s Zhukovsky airport and had begun its initial climb out. During the initial climb through 750 feet, the Airbus A321 ingested a flock of birds in both engines (CFM56).



Both engines on the Airbus A321-100 failed, one of the engines began emitting noises that sounded like the engine spooling up and down. The crew decided to stop the climb at 750 feet and find a safe place to land. The aircraft landed with its gear retracted in a cornfield approximately 2.77nm from the runway (Approximate position N55.512 E38.252).



A total of 226 people were on board, consisting of 7 crew and 6 children, all 226 people evacuated via emergency slides. 3 children and 7 adults sustained injuries believed to be minor, however, the same cant be said for the aircraft, which sustained substantial damage.



URAL U6178
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Ural Air commented


The aircraft received a large bird hit, when departing Zhukovsky and made a forced landing. Passengers and crew were not injured.


Russia’s Emergency Ministry Commented


226 passengers including 6 children and 7 crew were on board, all evacuated. 10 passengers including 3 children needed medical attention. The aircraft was found outside the airport, the right-hand engine was smoking but no fires, no fuel leaking, the cabin was inspected for people inside, the engines were sprayed for cooling. Eight buses were deployed to the accident site to return the passengers to Zhukovsky Airport.


Russia’s Ministry of Transport Commented


The aircraft suffered a bird strike into both engines while flying through a flock of seagulls and landed in a field more than 1km from the airport. The aircraft landed gear up, the crew shut both engines down just prior to landing. A special commission was set up to investigate the accident. The cause of the forced landing was the failure of the right-hand engine, that caught fire following a bird strike.


The Flight Crew Commented


The problem began right after takeoff when a bird hit the left-hand engine causing it to fail completely, shortly followed by another bird strike into the right-hand engine which subsequently provided insufficient thrust to remain airborne. The captain took control and landed the aircraft in an open field.




UUBW 150500Z 14004MPS CAVOK 20/17 Q1007 R30/010060 NOSIG=
UUBW 150430Z 12003MPS CAVOK 18/16 Q1008 R30/210250 NOSIG=
UUBW 150400Z 12003MPS 9999 FEW009 17/15 Q1008 R30/210250 NOSIG=
COR UUBW 150330Z 11004MPS 9000 FEW009 16/15 Q1008 R30/210250 NOSIG=
UUBW 150300Z 11004MPS CAVOK 15/14 Q1008 R30/210250 NOSIG=
UUBW 150230Z 11004MPS CAVOK 15/14 Q1009 R30/210250 NOSIG=
UUBW 150200Z 10004MPS CAVOK 16/14 Q1009 R30/210250 NOSIG=
UUBW 150130Z 11005MPS 9999 SCT040CB 16/14 Q1009 R30/210250 NOSIG=
UUBW 150100Z 11006MPS 7000 -TSRA SCT014CB 16/15 Q1009 R30/010060 NOSIG=
UUBW 150030Z 11005MPS 090V200 9999 TS BKN057CB 15/13 Q1010 R30/010060 TEMPO 2500 -TSRA BKN015CB=


To visit the Ural Airlines website click here
To visit Moscow’s Zhukovsky Airport click here.


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Thank You Ural U6178


Plane Reporter congratulates the crew of Ural Air U6178 on August 15th, 2019, your professional career and experience saved the lives of crew and passengers on board, together with saving countless lives and buildings on the ground.


The crew are true heroes and will forever be recognised as the crew who averted disaster and saved the day!

Thank You

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