Shannon Airport Reopens

Shannon Airport Reopens! The runway at Shannon Airport, Ireland, has reopened following the Omni Air International Boeing 767-300 incident this morning.


An Omni Air International Boeing 767-300, with registration N378AX was taking off at 06:08 am this morning when the crew aborted takeoff due to an open cockpit window. The aircraft vacated the runway and requested a return to the apron.


The crew planned to return to the apron and requested permission from ATC. Shannon Ground instructed the aircraft to stop then instructed the aircraft to turn left onto runway 24. As the Boeing 767 turned on to runway 24, ATC reported smoke coming from the landing gear. Emergency services responded and extinguished the fire quickly.


The Boeing 767 remained on the runway for around 4 hours, before being removed and the cleanup operation commencing around 10:40am this morning.


The Airbus A321 had been accelerating down Runway 12 at Moscow’s Zhukovsky airport and had begun its initial climb out. During the initial climb through 750 feet, the Airbus A321 ingested a flock of birds in both engines (CFM56).

Shannon Airport reported at 11:!5 am, the runway is reopening following the cleanup operation.



Impact on Flights


The closure of Runway 24 at Shannon Airport resulted in disruption to normal operation, departures were canceled or delayed. A total of 4 departures from Aer Lingus and American Airlines were canceled.






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