S7 Jet Escapes Disaster During Take-Off​

An S7 jet escapes disaster, during take-off from Russia’s Moscow Airport on Monday 5th August 2019.



The Russian airline S7 ‘s Boeing 737-800 was accelerating during take-off when a cloud of dust could be seen. Upon inspection, it was confirmed the jet had destroyed 5 lighting units, leaving glass scattered over the runway.



Luckily the S7 Jet escapes disaster managing to get airborne, otherwise it could have been disastrous for the jet and its 150 passengers onboard.



The video shows the S7 Boeing 737-800 taking off from Moscow Airport. The video was recorded from Domodedovo airport, 22 km away.




S7 Airlines confirmed the take off situation, adding that it didn’t prevent the jet from completing its flight. The Boeing 737-800 later safely landed at Simferopol airport in Russia’s Crimea.



An inspection of the Boeing 737-800 revealed damage to the fuselage. Since landing in Simferopol on Monday 5th August 2019, the aircraft has remained withdrawn from service,



S7 Airlines were contacted for comment, we haven’t received any response.



Visit the S7 Airlines website here.

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