British Airways ERJ-170 G-LCYG Multi-Issue

A British Airways ERJ-170 with registration G-LCYG suffered multiple aircraft issues on Saturday, Jul 27th, 2019. The Embraer ERJ-170 was operating flight BA4450 from Rotterdam, Netherlands to London City, United Kingdom, when the incident took place.


The British Airways ERJ-170 was en route to London at 17,000 feet approximately about 80nm east-northeast of Southend, United kingdom when the crew initiated a rapid descent to FL090 due to problems with bleed air and air conditioning.


The crew worked through various checklists, while the aircraft was placed in a hold over the North Sea, the crew decided to divert to Southend. A passenger reported that while on approach to Southend, the aircraft received a bird strike.


The British Airways Embraer ERJ-170 continued its approach to Southend, landing a few minutes later without issue. The remainder of the flight was cancelled and the passengers were placed on coaches and reached London City Airport by road.


The British Airways Embraer ERJ-170 remained on the ground at Southend 13 hours after landing.


Click here to visit the British Airways website.

Thank You

Plane Reporter congratulates the crew of British Airways BA4450 on July 27th, 2019, your professionalism and experience allowed the aircraft to return without difficulties and the passengers disembark in the way they should. Great work!

Carriers Response

We are awaiting a response from British Airways.

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