American A319 N725UW Bird Strike

An American Airlines Airbus A319 encountered two bird strikes moments before landing yesterday.


N725UW route map
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The Airbus A319-100 with registration N725UW was operating flight AA1625 from Charlotte, NC to Norfolk, VA, United States of America. The aircraft was flaring before landing on runway 05 at Norfolk when 2 birds were ingested into engine 1 (CFM56). After the aircraft was impacted a strange odour could be smelt onboard.


The aircraft continued for a safe landing on runway 05 a few moments later. Upon landing the aircraft slowed and taxied to the terminal. 


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) commented the Airbus A319 with registration N725UW received damage to the #1 engine (CFM56).


Click here to visit the American Airlines website.

Thank You

Thank you to the crew of AA1625 from Charlotte, NC to Norfolk, VA on Sunday 22nd March 2020. Your actions and experience shone through.

Carriers Response

We are awaiting a reply from American Airlines.

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