Air France A330-200 F-GZCK Fuselage Hole

An Air France fuselage was damaged when it encountered a bullet-hole on Saturday, April 11, 2020. The Air France Airbus A330-200 with registration F-GZCK was parked on the ground at Pointe Noire, the Republic of Congo when an on-duty Police officer fired two shots at the aircraft.


While parked on stand empty with no crew or passengers and, for reasons unknown at present, an active working airport brigade police officer fired two shots at the aircraft. The first bullet ricochets the tarmac and the other punctured a hole in the fuselage. 


Air France filed a formal complaint against the police officer, local authorities have launched an investigation and the officer was also arrested. 



This incident has also been reported on as a news feature – Police Officer Shoots two Bullets at an Air France A330


Click here to visit the Air France website.

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Carriers Response

We are awaiting a response from Air France.

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