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Aer Lingus A330 EI-DUZ Bird Strike

An Aer Lingus Airbus A330-300 encountered a bird strike today, resulting in the aircraft returning 40 minutes after departing Dublin, Ireland. The Aer Lingus A330-300 with registration EI-DUZ was operating flight EI9018 from Dublin, Ireland to Beijing International Airport, China.


The aircraft was taking off from Dublin when a bird was ingested into the aircraft’s engine. The flight crew continued the departure from Dublin and began working the related checks, while notifying Air Traffic Control and obtaining instructions for returning back to Dublin.


40 minutes after departure, the Airbus A330 landed back in Dublin where it was immediately inspected by engineers. The aircraft remained on the ground at Dublin for the remainder of the day. The aircraft involved EI-DUZ remains on the ground in Dublin and is not currently assigned to any future flights.


Coronavirus Supplies Flight


Since its inaugural flight from Dublin on March 28, 2020, Aer Lingus has been operating cargo flights using passenger Airbus A330 aircraft. The aircraft fly to Beijing with just crew and collect vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the HSE Ireland in its fight against Coronavirus COVID-19. PPE is loaded into the aircraft cargo-hold and with special permission, cargo is also being flown inside the cabin attached to seats.


This Critical Supply Operation involves the transportation of medical equipment comprising Personal Protective Equipment including masks, goggles, gloves, and gowns procured by the HSE The. operation is expected. to see up to 5 aircraft fly daily for two months.


Click here to visit the Aer Lingus website.

Response From Airline

We are awaiting a response from Aer Lingus.

Thank You

Thank you to the crew of EI9018 from Dublin, Ireland to Beijing International Airport, China on Monday, March 30, 2020. Your actions and experience shone through.


Plane Reporter wishes to extend our thanks to both Aer Lingus and the heroic men and woman standing strong on the. ground and in the air ensuring vital PPE supplies get to those in Irish hospitals fighting the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bird Strikes

Sounds serious, a bird striking an aircraft or being ingested in an engine. It’s a common occurrence that pilots train for and upon a bird striking an aircraft, emergency procedures are implemented to ensure the safety of all crew and passengers.

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