Category: Aircraft Incidents

Anchorage Airport Reopens

Anchorage Airport reopens following the bomb threat which shut the United States of America airport Saturday morning.

Air France A330-200 F-GZCK Fuselage Hole

An Air France fuselage was damaged when it encountered a bullet-hole on Saturday, April 11, 2020. The Air France Airbus A330-200 with registration F-GZCK was parked on the ground when an on-duty Police officer fired two shots at the aircraft.

TUI 737-800 G-FDZR Engine Shut Down

A TUI Airlines UK Boeing 737-800 encountered an engine issue today, resulting in the right-hand CFM-56 engine being shut down mid-flight. The TUI Boeing 737-800 with registration G-FDZR was operating positioning flight BY928P to Arrecife, Canaries, Spain when the incident occurred.

WestJet 737-600 C-GXWJ Loss of Cabin Pressure

The Boeing 737-600 departed Winnepeg, Canada bound for Calgary, Canada. The 1-hour short flight equating to 772 miles was without difficulty until the aircraft was descending towards Calgary, approximately 20 minutes before landing.

Virgin Atlantic 747 Slide Deployed

A Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-443 with registration G-VAST encountered a deployed emergency slide on Saturday, February 15th at Manchester Airport.

American Eagle EMB-145 N691AE Skids off Runway

American Eagle flight AA4125 an Embraer 145 slid off the runway at Chicago o’Hare this morning. The aircraft landed in icy conditions and was attempting to exit at taxiway P4, when the aircraft slid off the runway.