Lufthansa Group Negotiates 9 Billion Euro Package

German airline Lufthansa is negotiating a stabilisation package to the tune of 9 billion euros from the Federal Economic Stabilization Fund (Wirtschaftsstabilisierungsfonds – WSF) to finance the Lufthansa Group. The negotiations and the process of political decision-making are still ongoing.


The negotiations on financing measures include a silent participation and a secured loan. The conditions are currently being discussed. A stake by the German government in the company’s share capital is also part of the negotiations. In this context, various alternatives of a capital increase are being discussed, including an increase at the nominal value of the share, if necessary after a capital cut, to create a shareholding of up to 25% plus one share. In addition, conditions in accordance with the EU Temporary Framework and WSF Act are provided, including the waiver of future dividend payments. In addition, the WSF is seeking representation within the Supervisory Board.


The Executive Board of Lufthansa is continuing negotiations with the aim of ensuring the future viability of the company for the benefit of its customers and employees.


For further information about Lufthansa or the Lufthansa Group negotiations, please click here.


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