French Government Announces 2 Week Quartine for Non-EU Travellers

In light of the Coronavirus crisis which has swept across the world, the French Government is drafting a bill which makes provisions for people arriving into France from abroad. The bill requires all foreign nationals to enter quartine for 14 days upon arrival in France.


The French President, President Macron had initially suggested closing all EU borders until September, however, this announcement clarifies the EU borders will begin reopening.  The French Embassy in the UK clarified in a tweet on Twitter, People from the EU, Schengen and the UK will not be required to quarantine.



Airlines across Europe including easyJet, Ryanair and Wizz will be pleased the French border is taking steps to reopen, the news will be more positively received by European airlines who can begin implementing some schedules. Passengers are somewhat confused at who is allowed to travel, Governments across the world have been clear flights are for key workers only. Until such time governments announce passengers can travel, people will remain confused and many flighhts may operate near empty.


The official summer flying season started last month, which is the peak period and where airlines make the most profit, summer 2020 is going to be drastically different to previous summer seasons and it will likely to be years before flying returns to pre-coronavirus levels.


For further information please visit the French Government website by clicking here.


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